The Best Stretch Mark Treatments 2022, According to Experts

Stretch Mark

Using a cream on your stomach, breasts, or bum isn’t going to harm you, so go ahead—slather away. That said, it’s important to manage expectations with a topical, store-bought product. Both derms agree that there’s not enough “hard evidence” to support the fact that stretch mark creams will get rid of stretch marks after they appear. But, you may notice some moderate changes in color or texture with regular and prolonged use. “Stretch marks can be reduced using topical creams, but results can take weeks to become noticeable and vary for individuals,” says Dr. Hayag. She also notes that because stretch marks are technically scars, getting rid of them entirely is very difficult.

If you are interested in a topical cream however, there are a few active ingredients you’re going to want to keep an eye out for. Dr. Hayang explains that an ingredient called regestril is effective at increasing collagen production and should be a go-to for newly-formed stretch marks. “It can help lessen the depth, width, length, and pigment changes of the scar,” she adds. Another common ingredient is called regu-stretch, which has been specifically formulated for the treatment of stretch marks. The chemical combo contains anti-inflammatory properties, hyaluronic acid, and peptides. Retinoids are another great option as it can increase collagen and decrease redness. That in mind, pregnant women should not use it. You should also avoid products containing parabens and phthalates, as these ingredients can be harmful to our reproductive system, liver, and kidneys.

“In order to reduce the length, width, and any elevation, it is important to start applying topical treatments on new scars as they are more receptive to the active ingredients in stretch mark creams,” adds Dr. Hayag. Read More Best Stretch Mark Treatments