Earlobe Repair


Torn and stretched earlobes are very common. Earlobes can be stretched over time secondary to wearing heavy earrings, trauma from getting pulled or snagged from clothing. In worse cases the earlobe is torn all the way through, which results in a split-earlobe. The earlobes can also lose their shape just from time and gravity. Earlobe repair is a quick in-office procedure using local lidocaine. Any scar tissue or areas of skin that are torn are surgically removed. The tear is then surgically repaired and reconstructed to leave a smooth finish to stitch together. After about 10 days the stitches will then be removed, and the wound will be covered with steristrips to continue the healing process. Depending on the patient’s healing time, re-piercing will be discussed at a follow up appointment 2-4 weeks after stitches are removed.

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