Evoke Face and Neck

facial sculpting on a woman
facial sculpting on a man

Developed by the scientists who brought you the MORPHEUS8

EVOKE facial remodeling is Dr. Hayag’s latest technology to combat facial and submental aging. This cutting edge, painless, noninvasive, and FDA-approved technology allows us to tighten and contour:

  • Sagging cheeks.
  • Jowls.
  • The submental area addressing issues including double chin and saggy, loose skin.
  • A poorly defined jawline.
  • No downtime or need for topical anesthesia.
facial sculpting on a woman
facial sculpting on a man

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Evoke Face and Neck Contouring?

  • All ages who want:
    • Improvement to the saggy skin below your chin, cheeks and jowls.
    • Reduction in their double chin.
    • Toned tighter skin.
    • Smoother skin texture.
    • More defined facial features.
    • More youthful appearance.
    • Tailored results.
  • The “Gap” patient who is not ready for an extensive surgical procedure such as a facelift but wants to immediately improve facial aging and sagging.
  • Younger patients who want to contour and define their facial features and jawline while addressing the early stages of that double chin you may notice in your profile.

How Does EVOKE Facial Remodeling Work?

Evoke provides thermal facial and submental remodeling by delivering RF energy into the subdermal layers of your skin. EVOKE’s new innovative technology provides a safe and painless tightening procedure that results in a more defined facial contour.
Most patients find the treatment relaxing, similar to a warm facial massage, and often will either work, read or receive other cosmetic treatments simultaneously.
Ideal outcomes normally take 6 short 45-minute treatments scheduled 1 week apart.
Perfect to work or relax while receiving the treatment – Many patents combine a simultaneous body contouring treatment.

For Ideal Results Dr. Hayag does things differently with her outcome-based packages.