hair loss
FDA approved and commonly prescribed, topical minoxidil solution is challenging to apply because of its consistency. Unlike topical minoxidil, oral minoxidil is easier to take and even more effective.   Recent case studies have shown that low doses of oral minoxidil...
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Men Embracing Cosmetic Treatments
As social media and celebrities are rapidly destigmatizing the idea of beauty treatments for males, men have become more and more aware and willing to participate in the various cosmetic procedures offered at the dermatologist. Men, just like women, want...
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Skincare Ingredient
 We all know about Retinol, Retinoid, and Retinoic acid: a popular skincare ingredient that is derived from vitamin A and has amazing benefits for our skin. However, they’re also known to cause irritation, dryness, and flaking, making it hard to...
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