EmSculpt is a device that builds muscle and sculpts your arms, abdomen, buttocks, and legs using high intensity, focused electromagnetic energy. Each EmSculpt treatment causes thousands of muscle contractions which are the basis of improving the tone and strength of your muscles. The powerful induced muscle contractions stimulated by the EmSculpt device are not achievable through voluntary contraction – meaning no matter how much you work out in the gym or at home, your results simply will not be comparable. With each EmSculpt treatment, your muscle tissue is forced to adapt to the extreme conditions created by the contractions and your body responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure that lifts or tightens depending on the area being targeted. The initial treatment consists of four, 30 minute sessions which must be completed in a 2 week time frame. After that, 1 maintenance session should be performed every 3-6 months to maintain your results.

In office EmSculpt experience:

After consulting with Dr. Hayag to determine that you are a candidate for EmSculpt, we ask that you schedule all four 30 minute sessions over the coming 2 weeks to ensure scheduling availability. The timing of your 4 sessions is essential for optimal results and we want to ensure optimal results every time. When you arrive for your treatment, you will be escorted to your private treatment room where you can change into a gown if required. Photos and body circumference will be taken, and you will be asked a series of questions to ensure no contraindications are present. Once photos are taken you will be positioned comfortably on the table and the applicator will be positioned on the treatment area. Your EmSculpt treatment therapist will begin your treatment and adjust the intensity gradually to your comfort level. The treatment should never be painful and you will be in constant communication with your treatment therapist at all times during your treatment. After the 30 minute session is complete, the applicator is removed from the treatment area and you are on your way! You may experience some tightness or soreness in the treatment like after an  intense workout. This is temporary and mild in nature.

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