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By Marie V. Hayag, MD, FAAD

Dr. Marie Hayag’s latest, revolutionary, and most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device, the BBL® Hero™, comfortably delivers non- ablative laser energy to correct sun damage, pigmentation and the effects of aging for all skin types.

BBL hero ipl BBL hero ipl

Dr. Hayag proudly introduces her transformative duo:

Dr. Hayag’s BBL Hero Treatment Package sets the new, most advanced standard in cosmetic dermatology to effectively treat: sun damage, pigmentation including age spots, redness and blood vessels. The treatment is safe for all skin types, pain free with no downtime.

Dr. Hayag’s post BBL Hero ™ treatment includes her exclusive FABrx Renew EXO3 exosome cream to immediately reduce redness and further improve the outcome.

“Dr. Hayag’s BBL treatment with her amazing FABrx Renew EXO3 exosome cream were like a magic eraser for my post summer sun damage spots on my face and décolleté - 3 short treatments gave me clearer radiant skin.” S. White.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Ideal Candidate for the BBL Hero Photorejuvenation Skin Treatment ?

All ages and skin types who:

  • Want to improve sunspots, freckles, or uneven skin tone due to sun exposure. The intense pulse of light breaks up pigment deposits in your skin cells which are later cleared away by your body’s natural processes revealing even skin tone underneath.

  • Are struggling with Rosacea and chronic redness as a result of dilated capillaries can be treated with the BBL Hero as well. Each treatment is tailored to your needs and results can be seen immediately after the treatment.

How does the BBL Hero IPL Device Work?

At the core of the BBL Hero is their advanced BroadBand Light (BBL) technology, utilizing intense pulses of light at precise wavelengths to target specific skin imperfections. This light breaks up melanin and blood vessels in the skin to target redness and dark spots. After absorbing heat from the light, redness fades gradually and dark spots come to the surface and flake away. The process is pain free, simple, safe, and non-invasive, with minimal downtime.

What areas can be treated with BBL Hero IPL?

BBL Hero IPL is versatile and can be used on various areas of the body, commonly treating the face, neck, chest, hands, and other areas with sun damage or pigmentation concerns.

Is BBL Hero IPL painful?

Comfort and Safety: The BBL Hero incorporates advanced cooling technology to ensure your comfort during the procedure. You may experience a mild warm sensation, but most patients find it highly tolerable.

How long does a BBL Hero IPL session take?

Quick Procedure: The treatment duration varies depending on the areas treated, but most sessions are completed within 30 minutes, making it an ideal lunchtime procedure.

Are there any side effects with BBL Hero IPL?

Side effects are usually minimal and may include temporary redness or mild swelling. These effects typically subside shortly after the treatment.

How many sessions are typically required for optimal results?

For optimal results, Dr. Hayag recommends a series of at least 3 treatments.
After the procedure, you can immediately resume your daily activities. Some patients may experience mild redness or sensitivity, but this typically subsides within a few hours.
Results and Maintenance: Over the following weeks, you will notice a gradual improvement in your skin's texture, tone, and overall appearance.

Can Exosomes be used in conjunction with BBL Hero IPL?

Yes, incorporating Exosomes into your skincare routine can complement the benefits of BBL Hero IPL by promoting optimal skin regeneration and overall skin health.

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