At Fifth Avenue Aesthetics, Dr. Marie Hayag treats your skin to look more beautiful and improve its health. In addition to the cutting-edge cosmetic procedures and treatments that are performed at Fifth Avenue Aesthetics, the office is proud to be an authorized representative of Biologique Recherché products. You can now experience a touch of French elegance right in downtown New York.

Biologique Recherché is known for its powerful and effective formulations. Their products are unique and exceptional, containing over 50% active ingredients. The line offers numerous facial products including creams, serums, masks, and cleansing treatments.

What’s the Methodology Behind Biologique Recherché?

The Biologique Recherché methodology revolves around tailoring its skincare protocol to each individual’s needs. This process involves three stages.

Assessment stage:

The assessment stage involves a visual analysis of your skin. You will be questioned about your skin and skincare habits, after which a treatment protocol that addresses your exact concerns can be developed.

Initialization stage:

The initialization stage is all about preparing your epidermis, the outermost layer of your skin, for the treatment stage. This stage consists of three steps.  The first step involves cleansing the skin and removing makeup and pollutants that accumulate throughout the day to leave your skin soft and refreshed. The next phase utilizes the iconic P50 lotions, which exfoliate skin gently, balance sebum levels, moisturize, and help skin maintain a healthy pH. Masks and co-factors comprise the last step. They contain high concentrations of active ingredients that balance and enrich the epidermis and prepare it to receive the treatments in the next stage.

Treatment stage:

The treatment stage incorporates high-quality products rich in active ingredients. The serums and creams are applied at this phase to recondition the epidermis. The process not only evens out the skin tone but also increases its potential to regenerate on its own.

The treatment stage involves application of products with the highest concentration of active ingredients. A range of products can be used during this stage including:

Authentic serums

The authentic serums are pure solutions of active ingredients in the form of short peptides and amino acids. They address specific skin concerns including dehydration, seborrheic skin, and fine lines.

Targeted serums

The targeted serums are used for temporary but specific skin concerns,  providing treatment that is immediately effective and long-lasting results. They treat a wide array of concerns like the visible signs of rosacea, dark spots, and dehydration.


The creams complement the action of authentic serums and protect your skin from external factors and pollutants. Ten different creams exist, including anti-wrinkle, hydrating, nourishing, and sebum-regulating. Each cream is designed to target a specific concern, all without leaving an occlusive film.

Eye contour area creams

The eye contour area creams are formulated for both young and mature skin and can smooth and moisturize the area surrounding your eyes, which is especially sensitive and tends to show the first signs of aging.


Suncare products that prepare the skin prior to sun exposure and soothe it afterward help minimize the damaging and aging effects of sun exposure..

Finishing serums

The finishing serums include a variety of sophisticated botanical extracts that improve the look of skin instantly while delivering long-lasting results. They help stabilize products used in the treatment stage and serve as a great base for makeup and can be used either daily or for special occasions.

Serums de Teint

The Serums de Teint provide the coverage of a makeup product while also providing highly effective skincare. They also protect against blue light, pollution, and dehydration.



Finding the Right Biologique Recherché Product for You

Because Biologique Recherché has such an extensive and comprehensive selection of products, choosing the right products can feel overwhelming. A consultation at Fifth Avenue Aesthetics can take the guesswork out of the process and help formulate a skincare regimen that includes the products best suited for you.