The Vivace Ultra, RF microneedling device

The Ultra takes RF microneedling to a new level with its ultrasound imaging technology for unparalleled precision and personalization.


Dr. Marie Hayag does things differently with her exclusive FABrx™ Ultra Treatment.

microneedling on the face

The FABrx™ Ultra deploys precision ultrasound technology delivering pinpoint energy through a variety of multiple non-surgical RF needle set configurations and pulse durations for advanced collagen stimulation. Patients report significant effectiveness in addressing fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity and contouring of the face, neck and body. Sculpting and remodeling of the fat below the skin’s surface also effectively shapes, firms and tones the body, face and neck.

microneedling on the tummy

To enhance the patient’s experience, Dr. Hayag’s autilizes her exclusive numbing methods further alleviating associated discomfort. Return to your normal lifestyle that same day. Dr Hayag combines the FABrx™ Ultra with her innovative exosome treatment to yield and maintain even more effective and timely results.

microneedling on the cheeks

As seen in NewBeauty and Modern Aesthetics, Dr. Marie Hayag, a member of Aesthetics Biomedical’s exclusive Physician Ambassador Group, explains how the FABrx™ Ultra “is the first in its class to combine ultrasound imaging and the exclusive uniform RF microneedling delivery system in one treatment. This unique combination allows physicians the ability to provide customized versatility in an efficacious manner using its patent pending uniform delivery system. The ability to visualize the epidermis and dermis is key in determining the optimal needle depth and ensuring superior results."

The future of non-surgical body and face rejuvenation is now with the advanced customization options and personalized approach of the FABrx™ Ultra.

How Long is the Treatment?

A Fabrx™ Ultra Treatment lasts on average 45 minutes

What is the Recovery Time?

The recovery time after a FABrx™ treatment is minimal. Most people are able to return to their normal daily activities immediately after the procedure, and there is no downtime required. Some people may experience some mild redness or swelling in the treatment area, but this typically subsides within a few hours to a day. Utilize Dr. Hayag’s exclusive exosome product to yield and maintain more effective and timely results.

When will I see results?

Results can be seen after just one treatment although a series of at least 3 treatments are recommended for optimal results. The Vivace Ultra is great as a maintenance treatment for those who are not ready for invasive procedures such as surgery, and because it is so quick with minimal downtime, you can go about your daily life uninterrupted.