Earlobe repair is the effective surgical procedure that is used to treat patients with split, torn or stretched earring opening. Torn or stretched earlobe is a common deformity of ear. The main causes of this defect is wearing heavy earrings, improper positioning of pierced earlobe and trauma to the lobe. It causes much distress to those patients who want to wear earrings or like to have symmetry to earlobes. Fortunately, all these defects can effectively treat with the procedure of Earlobe Repair Surgery. It is a quick and useful cosmetic surgery procedure that corrects stretched or torn earlobes.

Let’s see how Earlobe Repair Surgery treats your stretched or torn earlobes:

Who are the good candidates of Earlobe Repair Surgery?

You should opt for the procedure if you have the conditions of torn, split, disfigured, sagging earlobes, enlarged earring hole, and stretched piercing earlobes with any trauma history to the earlobe.

What to expect during the procedure?

It depends on the degree of earlobe tear that what type of repair procedure is needed. Sometimes, small flaps are used to redesign lobe, absorbable sutures also used with specialized techniques.

At first, the doctor injects local anesthesia to damaged earlobe. Then allow it for several minutes so that the medication will take effect. The doctor then removes small amount of scar tissue. After the removal of this damaged skin, doctor will close the split or torn ends or sides of earlobe with fine sutures. This procedure will take about 20-30 minutes.

You feel minimal discomfort after the treatment. And if you feel any swelling, redness or discomfort, then the doctor recommends antibiotic ointment to use.

What to expect after the procedure?

The sutures remain in earlobe for about two weeks. During this time, you can return to your daily routine activities including showering. You can apply antibiotic ointment on repaired area occasionally as per doctor’s recommendations.

Make sure that you do not place any pressure on repaired earlobe. Avoid sleeping on the repaired ear. Avoid talking on phone on repaired ear for long hours.

The doctor removes the sutures after two weeks. At this stage, if the wound is still weak then you need to wait for one month to have repaired earlobe re-pierced. You can wear small clip on earrings during this time period.

Are there any scars formed after the treatment?

As the torn ends are stitched together, so a scar will form. But this scar is normally a very fine line that is hardly visible.

When will the earlobe be re-pierced after the surgery?

The earlobes can be easily re-pierced after one month of treatment. A small stud earring is used during re-piercing which will remain for another one month so that new skin starts healing around it to form a new hole. After that, your ears are ready to look good again.

What are benefits of the treatment?

Below are the most important benefits of the treatment:

  • Effective procedure
  • Permanent results
  • Minimal discomfort & pain

Are there any complications or risks associated with the surgery?

All types of surgeries have some potential complications. The possible complications involved with an Earlobe Repair are infection, notching, excessive scar formation and recurrence.

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