It’s over a century that Botox (botulinum toxin) is used for a wide variety of medical and cosmetic purposes. Some of the early uses of Botox treatmentinclude treating blepharospasm (difficulty in moving the eyelids), lazy eye (vision related problem) and cervical dystonia (neck muscles problem).

In 2002, Botox has been started to use for treating the frown lines (on the forehead, between the eyebrows) and since then, it has been in use for treating other signs of aging such as crow’s feet (lines around the corners of the eyes), wrinkles, fine lines and lip lines. It has been observed that about more than 11 million patients have been treated with Botox. 

In 2004, the Botox treatment was approved for treating hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and treating migraine in 2010.

In today’s article, we will discuss “how much does a Botox treatment costs” since it is widely used by people all around the world for a variety of purposes.

What factors affect the cost of Botox treatment?

There are various factors that affect the price of Botox treatment and they are as follows:

A number of parts that need treating:

As you would imagine the more areas that you want considering the more you will have to pay. Record clinics will do special offers for multiple ‘areas’.

Which area prerequisites treating:  

Fees will be greater for areas that necessitate more units of Botox. This will be conferred throughout your initial consultation.

Who is doing out the treatment: 

You do not have to be a skilled doctor to inject Botox and people lacking medical degrees are likely to charge less. Botox specialists usually have no medical training and it consequently follows that they will charge less to control the Botox injections. Doctors have a greater familiarity with facial muscle anatomy meaning they are better equipped to deal with any possible problems if they arise.

The dosage required: 

Clinics who charge on a per unit basis will charge more if the range of the wrinkles/lines necessitates more units of Botox.

Reputation Standing: 

A clinic or doctor with a respectable reputation is likely to charge advanced rates.


The price of Botox is likely to be complex in bigger cities such as NYC. The reason for this is that rent prices for places are likely to be higher in such cities. 

What is the average Botox cost in the USA?

The Botox Cosmetic cost varies significantly depending on the number of individuals who want to get the treatment and the individual who administers it.

Some centers for skin care offer low prices of Botox that are based on “cost per area” and these prices range from \$200-\$300 per area. But, the individuals should receive the price quotes on the basis of “cost per unit”. It is so because these skin care centers offer lower prices while giving the reduced, poor quality treatments that may cause recurrent visits and less-effective results.

Normally, Botox treatments’ cost runs \$300 to \$1,200 according to the need of the patient and the administering expert.

The cost of the administering of the Botox by a nurse is around $9-$12 per unit, or with 20-30 units, it is $200-$300 per area, which become around $200-$600 for a distinctive treatment.

The average cost of  Botox administering by a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon at a therapeutic office is $14 to $17 per unit of Botox or $600 to $1,200 or even more based on multiple areas.

Being a cosmetic procedure, Botox is not covered by the medical insurance. But, it’s use for treating medically related conditions is typically covered by the insurance. These medical conditions include blepharospasm, excessive sweating, constant pain etc. although, the insurance coverage for the cosmetic uses of the Botox is not applicable, you can consult your insurance provider to check if you have insurance coverage for your anti-aging Botox treatment.

What is the average cost breakdown of Botox Injection?

Most of the practices charge flat cost for each injection of the Botox Cosmetic while some practices break the cost according to the “units” used in each treatment. The flat rates usually cost between $300 and $1000 and per-unit rates are typically around $10-15 per unit. Though the Botox Cosmetic cost paid by physicians is usually about $400 for every vial (each vial contains 100 units, or it’s enough for about 4 or 5 treatments), the vial need be used within a few hours of opening, so if the whole vial is not used, the physician will habitually have to throw the rest out.

What discounts available for Botox Cosmetic?

  • Some of the skin care centers at malls offer cheap rates of Botox, but you should need to check first on the quality of the treatment they offer.
  • If a group of friends gets treatment in a “Botox party”, they can enjoy the 10-20% discount because such treatment needs less time.
  • Even dermatologists or plastic surgeons also offer different discounts, especially to their existing patients who purchase numerous services. If you refer new patients, you’ll likely get a discount.

What payment methods are available for Botox treatment?

Most clinicians who deliver cosmetic services such as Botox treatments accept payment by various approaches, that include cash, personal check, major credit cards, or through preparations made with a recognized lending institution. Some medical practices even offer their own funding plans. Don’t be afraid to inquire about Botox treatment funding during your first consultation.

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