How To Correct And Prevent Post-Summer Hyperpigmentation

Correct And Prevent Post-Summer Hyperpigmentation

Treat your post-summer hyperpigmentation with FDA approved in-office treatments and at home medical grade skincare products. Hyperpigmentation, the dark and splotchy discoloration you see on your skin, is one of the most common skin conditions. This condition is worsened with sun exposure, which is why discoloration seems to get worse after summer. Although these dark spots are rarely harmful, they can botch our even complexion and confidence. 

 At home essentials that I recommend to all my patients are products with retinoids, lightening creams, vitamin C and antioxidants. These ingredients are safe for dry, sensitive, or oily skin, so there’s no excuse! Everyone’s daily routine should include these, and of course a broad-spectrum SPF greater than 30 (bonus points for those with zinc oxide, which physically reflects UV rays).

**For prevention my go to products are the FABrx Vitamin C + Ergothioneine Antioxidant Serum and the FABrx Antioxidant + Cannabis Calming Serum. These include key ingredients for protecting against oxidative damage caused by UV rays and pollution, so I always remind my patients to apply these in the morning! 

**To correct hyperpigmentation, I use products like the SkinBetter AlphaRet Overnight Cream and FABrx Retinoid Anti-Dark Circle Eye Cream. These contain retinoids to speed up the process that replaces damaged skin cells with fresh ones, leaving you with baby soft skin. One of my favorite at-home treatments is Cyspera, a 3-step routine which uses a cysteamine complex to treat pigmentation and chronic melasma by inhibiting melanin production. Results can be seen as soon as 4 weeks!

If you are looking for quicker corrective results, book an appointment for a chemical peel or laser treatment. I love chemical peels because they only take a few minutes to apply but make a world of a difference. Peels such as the cosmelan and melanage  utilize arbutin (to decrease the production of pigmentation) and retinoids, leaving you with fresh and less pigmented skin. In fact, the cosmelan peel is one of the most effective treatments for melasma there are!

 The IPL is great for spot treating as it directs intense bursts of light to break up the melanin deep in your skin. These broken pieces of melanin can then flake off and be removed by your body’s natural processes. Fractional lasers, such as the Fraxel and Clear and Brilliant, are also terrific for diminishing pigmentation and those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. The fractional lasers promote collagen regeneration, kicking out the old, damaged cells and replacing them with new ones. 

Depending on your desired downtime and skin goals, you can choose the best treatment for your hectic life.  Correction, prevention, and maintenance of skin is a lifestyle, so, whatever your case, our team is dedicated to giving you your most ideal results!