The Role of Licensed Estheticians in Cosmetic Dermatology

The Role of Licensed Estheticians in Cosmetic Dermatology

Licensed estheticians provide spa services geared towards improving the appearance of your skin. Under the medical directorship of Dr.Hayag, the licensed estheticians at Fifth Avenue Aesthetics have access to the latest skincare devices. The medical grade spa skincare treatments estheticians provide can be complementary to cosmetic procedures performed by dermatologists and produce a combined effect that is greater than an individual procedure alone. In fact, a comprehensive approach to skincare (that involves both a dermatologist and esthetician) can improve the medical cosmetic treatment outcomes of patients!

For example, patients that receive cosmetic laser treatments can schedule a same day LED Therapy session with a certified esthetician. This light therapy device immediately reduces redness and inflammation and soothes the affected area while also boosting collagen production.

The above is one of many cosmetic procedures regarding a complete approach to patient skincare where the medical spa treatments and devices available at the practice aid in the outcome and maintenance of the procedure performed by the dermatologist. Dr. Hayag recommends regular (quarterly or even monthly) spa treatments by our estheticians utilizing the latest skincare devices as part of a routine that will greatly enhance your skin's appearance and health.

Regular spa treatments by estheticians can include:

This comprehensive approach leads to better sustained outcomes and a superior overall patient experience.

Estheticians can also help guide patients on which skincare products to choose and how to incorporate them into their skincare regimens, which is an integral part in achieving one's skincare goals.

Besides the skincare benefits, regular facials performed by a licensed esthetician can truly be a relaxing, luxurious experience. Less stress means better skin, so what's not to love?