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Aesthetics Biomedical, makers of the Vivace Microneedling Radio Frequency treatment, just received FDA clearance for its new combination treatment modality called Vivace Ultra. What sets Vivace Ultra apart from its predecessor is the inclusion of ultrasound technology, which experts are saying gives it a clear advantage over other radio frequency treatments for its precision and customization abililites.

"The Vivace Ultra is the first in its class to combine ultrasound imaging and the exclusive uniform RF microneedling delivery system in one treatment," shares New York dermatologist Marie Hayag, MD. "This unique combination allows physicians the ability to provide customized versatility in an efficacious manner using its patent pending uniform delivery system. The ability to visualize the epidermis and dermis is key in determining the optimal needle depth and ensuring superior results."

Vivace Ultra, which targets tone, texture and can help improve skin quality, has updated needle sets for smaller, more precise areas as well as larger areas, new options for the radio frequency pulses and a mechanism to turn the RF on and off. "The reengineered needles and the ability to have many performance combinations including needle depth, change in radio frequency levels, types of needles, delay speeds, power levels give the ability to treat the face and body more precisely," she adds.

"The idea of customized precision in treatment with devices like Vivace Ultra opens the potential of pushing past even the ‘best practices’ in standard settings to more optimized programs," says Beverly Hills, CA dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD. "Being informed by individualized data produces more patient-centric opportunities for providers to deliver the highest level results. Overall this presents a great leap forward for prejuvenation!" Read More about vivaca ultra