Clear and Brilliant treatment is a competent, proactive laser treatment to help combat the effects of aging on the skin and preserve a healthy, young glow. It is mild, nonetheless safe and effective procedure for restoring damaged skin that has been stultified over time while leaving the top layer of skin unharmed. This means that there is almost no downtime and this is a relaxed treatment to enhance your skin beauty regimen.


Here’s a complete overview of Clear and Brilliant treatment:

Clear + Brilliant treatments can aid in:

  1. Prevention of marks of aging
  2. Recover the look of fine lines
  3. Restore skin tone and surface
  4. Advance skin’s overall look
  5. Reduce the presence of pores
  6. Restore the appearance of dyschromia (a condition in which the color of skin & nails changes)


Who are the right candidates for Clear & Brilliant treatment?

Age and environmental factors will finally take its toll on men and women similarly, triggering the skin to dull, wrinkle and divert attention away from one’s natural attractiveness. Anybody fascinated in withdrawing the look of aging and dullness caused by time and environmental circumstances would benefit from this laser usage. Whether you are looking to uphold natural beauty for ages to come or roll back the primary signs of aging, this laser treatment is an outstanding selection for preserving the younger looking skin.

Clear + Brilliant is the right treatment for those who are in their 20s or 30s and who want an advanced laser treatment than their current skincare regime but don’t wish to get many transformative benefits of any aggressive laser skin resurfacing treatment. The Clear and Brilliant laser works best on a minor sun damaged skin and effectively prevents and reverses the early signs of aging. Although the treatment is best for those who are looking for preventive skincare it also provides benefits to those who want to maintain the results of any other transformative procedure.


Why Clear & Brilliant is done?

Clear + Brilliant is favorable for treating sun damaged skin, dark color spots, melasma, fine lines, wrinkles, rough skin touch, acne marks, and projecting pores. It will arouse the growth of new collagen for 3 months after action reinstating elasticity and skin quality.




How is the procedure of Clear & Brilliant performed?

The patient may feel slight discomfort during the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment, so a topical anesthetic is applied for about 20-40 minutes before starting the procedure, but there is no need of more pain management.

At first, the patient and the dermatologist wear protective eyewear. Then, the numbing cream is rinsed. After that, the doctor glides the handheld laser device slowly and equally over the targeted area of the skin. This may cause a mild to moderate burning feeling for around 15 minutes.

When the laser treatment is completed, a cooling mask is applied to the treated area so that the sensation of burning is lessened and this mask is removed after 10-15 minutes.


What are the results and recovery time of Clear & Brilliant treatment?

The Clear + Brilliant laser is intended to be gentle and has trifling side effects and downtime equated to typical resurfacing laser actions. You may experience some soreness and subtle tenderness right after it. These commonly resolve in a few hours but may last until the next day. Your skin will faintly be rough to the touch, but you can wear makeup and use all your regular skin care products the next day. The skin will progressively fen and return to a smooth surface over the following week.


What are the benefits of Clear & Brilliant?

  • The treatment is harmless, non-surgical and non-invasive.
  • There is little to no downtime.
  • It aids to improve skin nature and texture, giving your skin a glowing, youthful radiance.  Just one Clear + Brilliant session can leave your skin feeling evener, fresher that comes from the vigorous
  • It makes a more even skin canvas, with a decrease in the form of pores and pore size.
  • The technique is fast and convenient, enduring less than an hour.



Are there any side effects of Clear & Brilliant?

Afterward a Clear + Brilliant treatment, you may notice your skin in the treated section appears red, and you may experience some sensitivity and mild puffiness. These indicators should fade inside a few days. Makeup can be smeared the next day to shield these effects if wanted. Patients often return to usual activity, counting work and social activities, directly succeeding the procedure.


How much does Clear & Brilliant cost in the USA?

The cost of the Clear and Brilliant technique will vary from the geographical location of the practice, marketplace accessibility and how many treatment sessions are desired to attain the best results. Normally 4-6 treatments are suggested and cost per treatment can differ amid $200-$350.



The device intensifies light energy and fires it into the skin. This energy can both vaporize cells totally, as is the case with an ablative laser, or can root slight damage to the skin layer, thus motivating the body’s curative reaction and moving up the recovering process.

To distinguish the Clear & Brilliant treatment from other procedures, this laser is laxer and even proposes that laser treatments with this device can be a fragment or a regular skin care routine.

This artless, gentle laser treatment is done by a certified, experienced dermatologist. Dr. Marie Hayag is an American board-certified dermatologist who performs the Clear and Brilliant treatment in the most effective and efficient manner, thus giving the best results. To book an online appointment, visit the website or just call 212-722-2055 for a quick response.