The 15 Best Body Washes for Next-Level Bathing

The 15 Best Body Washes for Next-Level Bathing

This article originally appeared on Jan 11, 2022 on

When it comes to lathering up in the shower, shampoos and facial cleansers tend to get all the love. But seeing as a majority of your largest organ is located below the neck, it's definitely worth designating a product to the skin on your body.

We're talking about body wash, of course, which comes in a range of formulations. Some merely cleanse the skin while others tackle other concerns like sensitivity, breakouts, or discoloration.

"You should be washing your body with a creamy body wash (unless you have body acne) in the colder months and if you have dry skin," says celebrity esthetician Taylor Worden of Taylor Worden Skin.

So, what's the crème de la crème of body washes? We caught up with a few skincare experts to find out. Scroll down for the best body washes out there today. Click here to read more about the best body wash