Dermatologists Want You To Wear Upf Face Masks—Here’s Why


This article originally appeared in the August 26, 2020 edition of  *HelloGiggles*

Written by Courtney Leiva

As we continue to develop a stronger understanding of the different types of non-medical face masks on the market, chances are you may have stumbled upon UPF face masks. UPF, short for ultraviolet protection factor, provides sun protection, which can be particularly useful for people who tend to burn easily or are at high risk for certain skin cancers.

To understand why UPF face masks are important and the factors to consider before purchasing one, we interviewed four board-certified dermatologists.

5 things to consider when searching for UPF face masks:

5. Seals: When in doubt, look for face masks that have a seal from a reputable organization. Dermatologist Marie Hayag, M.D., suggests looking for UPF face masks that have the Skin Cancer Foundation’s seal of recommendation since the fabric must have a UPF of 30+ to qualify for it.