Do Silk Pillowcases Really Work? We Asked A Dermatologist

Do Silk Pillowcases Really Work? We Asked A Dermatologist


This article originally appeared in the September 9th, 2020 edition of  *Total Beauty*

Written by Courtney Leiva, Photography by Igor Ustynskyy/Moment/Getty

Silk pillowcases aren’t a cure-all

Yes, silk pillowcases can help your skin. However, Dr. Shainhouse says it’s important to remember that they can only do so much: “Silk pillowcases are definitely not a cure for acne, particularly hormonal cystic flares and acne rosacea, to which many adult women are prone,” she explains.

Additionally, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Adarsh Vijay Mudgil, MD, says that there are currently no studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of silk pillowcases. “Silk pillows are certainly luxurious, but unfortunately, there’s really no proven benefit and no signs that using a silk pillow helps prevent wrinkles or acne,” he explains. That said, he agrees that silk’s lower absorbance level can help keep sensitive skin calm.

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