Taking off a hat, humidity, and endless brushing or styling are common occurrences that can contribute to frustrating staticky hair. Static arises when the hair builds up an electric charge from a change in the environment—like when you remove your winter hat once indoors. The negatively charged electrons fly off of the hair, and with nowhere to go, leave strands full of positive charges causing hair to stand straight out from the head. More than just a shock to see, static also makes it difficult to tame and style your hair. Instead of battling your hair into submission, use one, or all, of these five tricks to combat static.

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Use Moisturizing Shampoos

If your hair is constantly staticky it’s probably time to make a change to your haircare routine. Mindy McKnight, founder of Hairitage, suggests adding moisture-boosting elements. “[Start] with a non-stripping shampoo, so it leaves moisture and essential oils in your hair because overly dry hair is more prone to static issues,” she says. “Follow your shampoo with a restorative and moisturizing conditioner.”

Dry Your Hair Less and Use the Right Brush

Post shower, it’s important to go easy on the hair dryer. “Stop over-drying the hair, which increases static. Instead, you want to keep just a little moisture inside the cuticle to help hair stay healthy and static-free. As soon as the hair feels cool and mostly dry, turn off the hair dryer,” notes Marilisa Sears, artistic director of Marc Anthony True Professional. Follow with a brush featuring natural bristles. “[And] a wooden center because it’s gentler and causes less breakage and static than nylon bristle brushes,” explains Garren, celebrity stylist and co-founder of R+Co.

Oils Are Key

While everyone knows a dryer sheet is a tried-and-true method to calm static, they are also full of chemicals. Instead of heading to your laundry room, use a product infused with macadamia oil. It contains the greatest nut source of omega 7, which combined with lipids, reinforces the integrity of the hair and replenishes it with nutrients. It also protects hair from environmental damage and leaves it in a healthy, shiny state, says Beth Hickey, educator at Macadamia Beauty.

Static-Eliminating Spray

When your look requires a bit of static control mid-day, and you don’t want to completely redo your ‘do, reach for a spray filled with static-reducing antioxidants and argan oil. “Use a spray like R+Co Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray ($29,, which works for all hair types to get rid of static, tame flyaways, and eliminate any frizz,” says Garren. “Spray it on your hand, gently run it through the hair to prevent the hair from getting greasy and disrupting the style you have.”